Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fed will create policies to weaken US Dollar eventually in future

I think we will see UST 10yr yields closer to 1.5% before they get anywhere near 3.5%, with 10yr Bund yields at 50bp; that China is getting closer to the point where it will have to join the global FX wars – March next year is the focal point for me in this regard; and in terms of the Fed, I think it is 50/50 that we will see the Fed EASING monetary policy from here over the next 12 months vs the risks of the Fed starting a rate hike cycle. 

Here the focus on the US unemployment rate is covering up much weaker employment/aggregate income and deteriorating demographic trends that are playing out beneath the surface. And ultimately I feel the Fed will have to adopt policies that seek to weaken the USD vs the world.